Monday, June 6, 2016

Vivid Light Show at Sydney Harbour - May 2016

At Darling Harbour before the light show commenced.

From Cockle Bay

Laser show at Cockle Bay

Captain Cook Cruise Ships that ran the Harbour Cruises around to the Opera House and Circular Quay.

Moving around the harbour on the cruise boat 

Looking towards the Maritime Museum lighting display

Looking back to Darling Harbour

Moving towards the Harbour Bridge

The Opera House lit up with laser lights

The Harbour Bridge lit up

Masses of people at Circular Quay to see the Opera House light show

The Opera House display - the pattern constantly changed and repeated every 10 minutes

Looking towards Circular Quay

Sailing back under the Harbour Bridge

Harbourside lighting

Sailing away from the Opera House

Back to Cockle Bay

The 2016 Vivid Light Show on Sydney's waterfront was a fantastic display.

We were lucky enough to have a good weather evening to view the lights. Winter arrived the following day and the next couple of nights were very bad weather and the show had to be cancelled due to heavy rain and high winds.

We travelled from Gosford on the 3 o'clock train arriving at a nice time Darling Harbour to find a restaurant for an early dinner at Cockle Bay to view the laser light show there before walking to the King Street Whaf where we boarded the Captain Cook Cruise Boat for a one hour cruise to Circular Quay and back.

It was a very enjoyable experience with plenty of room on the cruise ship for everyone to get a good view from either inside or on the outside decks.  There as a bar for anyone that wanted to enjoy a beer or wine along the way. An hour was enough time to have a good look at all the lights.  We had the option of getting off at Circular Quay if we wished to spend more time at the Opera House.

It was a very good experience and a wonderful chance to see Sydney Harbour at its best.